Cutting a Tree Down for a Garage

I guess most people probably have trees removed because of storm damage or disease. I had neither of those problems, but I still wanted to find a company that does tree removal for Lawrenceville GA residents. I am glad that I needed mine down for something other than damage. For me, it was just a matter or convenience. I wanted to build a garage on my property, but the only place that was big enough and close to my house had a huge elm tree growing there. It was huge, so I knew that I would not be able to get it down on my own.

I was able to find a good company to come out and give me a quote. I really wanted to have a garage built, but it was just not going to happen if it was too expensive to take the tree down first. I was already maxed out with a loan I was going to get for the garage, and I knew I would not be able to add more to it. The reason I was worried about the cost was because of the size of the tree.

When I say it is huge, I mean just that. It was at least 70 feet tall, maybe even more. I just did not know how much they were going to charge to get it down, so I had them come out to give me a quote after seeing it. The price I was quoted was actually a lot lower than I thought it would be, and I jumped at the chance to have it brought down. It did not take them nearly as long as I thought it would either, and they even cleaned up every bit of mess from the yard. Now, I can finally get the garage of my dreams.


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