How Does the Energy Law Work in Texas

I was checking out the information from my real estate agent. I am going to move across the state line to a little town between Houston and Texarkana. The guy I am buying from helped me to find a disused cotton farm at a discount price. Of course my plans are complicated and risky. I expect to have pretty significant costs when it comes to infrastructure and energy costs. I have been trying to get a grip on the rules about picking an electricity company. You can click here for additional information I suppose, but I can not claim to really have a great understanding of the concepts involved. I do realize that it has to do with one of the state agencies having passed a rule which gives the consumer the right to choose their own energy providers. It sounds like a great idea, but I am not sure how much practical value a consumer is going to get from it. Of course you do not get a choice about the power company around here. There are a couple of them, but all of them have area wide monopolies. You get whoever has the local contract to provide electricity. It is not a big deal I do not think though, because energy rates are very strictly regulated in every place I have lived in the past. The state energy regulators have to be consulted before energy rates can be increased and this is a pretty sure way to anger the voters. All of the people who vote for politicians are going to have power bills, or at least the huge majority of them. You have to have a really good justification in order to get a rate increase through the state energy board or whomever is in charge of the utilities.


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