My Carpets Needed a Deep Cleaning

My daughter is allergic to dogs. This was a hard pill to swallow because I have always had dogs, but her health comes first with me. We gave our dog to my sister and her family, knowing that he would be with family who loves him. I would still be able to see him too, which was the only plus in all of this. I knew that we were going to have to hire a professional Toronto carpet cleaning to come in and clean all of our carpets to get rid of all the dog hair and dander that was deep in the carpet fibers.

I have my own carpet shampooer, and I honestly thought that was getting the job done. I had no idea that it was the difference between a shawl and a parka on a cold winter’s day. While it certainly made the surface look nicer, my own cleaner was not getting deep in the carpet, getting it just as clean as the surface. When the doctor suggested hiring a professional carpet cleaner to make sure all of the pet dander was gone, I started looking online to find one that could come out immediately.

My daughter had been living with this for years, so it was not an emergency situation. I did want to make her as comfortable as possible and as quickly as I could too though. The carpet cleaning company that I hired was able to come out that week, and I was surprised at the dirt and junk they got from my carpet. To look at my house, you would think I was the best house cleaner around. I am a bit of neat freak, so it surprised me that so much was deep in the carpet. My daughter’s allergy issues cleared up almost immediately, and I am going to have them come out on a regular basis for a deep cleaning like that.


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