Switching Companies, Buying Sale Items and Using Coupons to Save a Fortune Every Month

I think that some people just don’t get it when it comes to saving money. I had a guy make a comment about me using coupons when buying groceries and other things at a a big store. Not having to pay ten or even twenty dollars more because I bought sale items and used coupons makes sense to me. It is money that is not taken out of my pocket. That is why I switched our insurance carriers, and it is why we switched to Reliant Energy in Dallas for our electricity supply. Each little thing saves us some money. Overall it is like not having to work extra days. If my savings ideas save us hundreds of dollars every month, then that is money we do not have to spend time at work earning. If we do work extra, it is money we are saving or have to spend on some other needed thing.

Oh, and speaking of some other needed things, by that I mean things such as braces for our children’s teeth, sports uniforms, days off to go to games and all those other expenses that come with having kids. So, it just makes sense to me that if I can save money on my electric bill and at the store, then that is exactly what I am going to do. I no longer have that loyalty thing anymore for companies. If you can really save me a bundle of money and your stuff is just as good as the other guy’s, then you can bet your bottom dollar I am switching.

I have done it with phone service, TV service and our electricity supplier. We have not had any degradation in services, but we sure are saving a good amount of money every month. I will stay aware of any and all savings I can get for my family and our household. I learned along time ago that money does not grow on trees. You have to work for it, so why spend more than you have to to get something you want or need?


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